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Address: Fagaima, P.O. Box 3179 Pago Pago 96799

Coordinate: -14.3225:-170.724

Phone: 6842564645


This is the official Wizard TECH page on Facebook. To learn more about us, visit our website and let us help you today!WIZARD TECH is devoted in providing Professional IT Services and technical support for all. We love all things geek and when you are having computer problems, networking issues, security risks and more... Contact the WIZARD TECH TEAM. Let us deal with it so you can enjoy your day.


Wizard Tech

[06/23/16]   Just got done rewiring and relocating the camera system for Tropical Blend in Nu'uuli. Make sure to check them out for a healthy snack/lunch or enjoy their homemade smoothies. Let's support local business first. #aslocalbusinessfirst

[06/24/16]   What a day! AS Homeland Security had asked for assistance in Tech Support. We fixed their network issues, reconfigured their printer to scan to email, and done training for a Time Recorder System that manages employee time records. That's what you call IT Services.

Afio Mai Aviation NSTU/PPG Ground Handling Services - Home Need a website for your business or a personal project? Contact Us Now for a free estimate! We will help you create the perfect website to showcase what you can do for your customers. Visit this page to see a sample of our work: This website was created for a local business - Afio Mai Aviation Ground Handling Services - located at our Pago Pago International Airport. Since we had launch this website, they received more Military Flights landing on PPG and had assisted our local veterans in MedVac missions. #aslocalbusinessfirst

Just got done working on a laptop for a customer. Her Dell Inspiron B130 had malware attacks that ultimately corrupt the user profile and boot sector on the internal HDD. A full fresh reinstallation of Windows 7 Pro fixed the issue since it's an old model (Windows 8 and 10 not recommended.) Also replaced the DVD drive since it wasn't working.

[07/04/16]   It's finally ready and live! Wizard Tech is now online! For more info, visit our website and give us your feedback. We love all things geeks so CONTACT US for all your IT needs on our website. Let us help you with all your computer/ laptop repairs, network and security, web development and more. Our IT Professionals are dedicated to help you now! Don't forget to visit our page and click that LIKE button! Support local business first. #aslocalbusinessfirst

Wizard Tech Professional IT Services - Repairs, Website Pro and Quotes WIZARD TECH is now online! For more info about our Professional IT Services, visit us at and let us help you with all your IT needs. Also, visit our page to learn more about our latest projects for business owners in American Samoa. Don't forget to click that LIKE button! #aslocalbusinessfirst WIZARD TECH is committed in providing Professional IT Services for all. We love all things geek so when you are experiencing laptop and computer problems, netwo


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Interactive Smart Board installation at DOH EOC. All features tested and ready to go! Let the IT Professionals help you today!#touchscreen #projector #professionalsetup #expert

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