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Pago Pago Game Fishing Association

Address: P.O. Box 1215 Pago Pago 96799

Phone: 684-699-1453


Sport fishing club of American Samoa � The Pago Pago Gamefishing Association was founded in 2003 by a group recreational anglers with a competive spirit and a desire to hold semi-organized competitions.One thing led to another and the next thing you know we are holding ten, single day, single species tournaments and a 4-day event every year. While weather screws with our single day tournament dates on a regular basis, we manage to reschedule them throughout the year to hold most of them. We've been lucky with our major tournament. After nine tournaments, we have never had to cancel or postpone (knock on wood). The association has 35 members and seven competitive boats (some more competitive than others).


I’a Lapo’a Day 2 and Overall tournament standings.

Tournament Day 1 Rankings and Info

A couple photos from today.

Wahooooooooo Jade & Russ Cox

422.4 Blue Marlin from Salvation the largest catch as of now.

Day 3 Stats

Day 4 Stats

Day 4 I’a with 2 Masi Masi, Sail Fish and Wahoo.

[05/12/19]   Share your photos from the tournament.

Thank you Pila N Mike Apted for the photos.

Fishing Rarotonga 🔥🔥🔥🔥The Grander🔥🔥🔥🔥 With one last excruciating heave, 2019s biggest sport fishing marlin in the world slid over the transom and on to the floor of Tamahine. Cameron Thorp and Brendan Gardiner have written a new chapter for not only Cook Islands fishing, but the perception of game fishing as a whole. This is truly a win for the little guys, proof that you don't need a million dollar vessel to land the big one. In fact his 20 foot Poti Marara style boat was built by Cameron himself, under a car port with the help of just a few mates. June 1st saw plenty of boats leave Avatiu harbour for a local Rarotongan fishing competition. Everyone was excited as the last few weeks had shown great fishing with a handful of large marlin and plenty of yellowfin tuna. Around mid-day came an eruption from the sea like a bomb had just gone off. The footprint left a house sized explosion of water in the air. Split seconds later the Shimano Fishing New Zealand Tiagra 80w screamed into life-injecting pure adrenalin into the bloodstream. This sound mixed with eagre anticipation is a fisherman's dream, a feeling to rival any addicts favourite cocktail. Standard procedure was thrown straight out the window as the bombs kept exploding and the line with a Pink/white Iland Cruiser lure kept dissapearing. As gold was starting to show on the bottom of the spool the Yamaha 130 pushed hard to turn and keep up with the mayhem ahead. Frantic winding allowed a small respite from the panicking moment. She eventually went down and a true battle begun. After an hour the great blue arrived at the boat. It was clear...this was not an ordinary marlin fight. The size was staggering but still hard to tell quite how big. She didn't hang around for long, taking off in what would become a familiar pattern for the next few hours. 3 hours in and for the third time the wind on leader appeared, but no, the marlin wasn't giving up that easily. There is a reason these girls get so big, and oh boy did she dig in. After effortlessly tearing off 200 meters of line something changed. The fight was not the same. Line was now slowly trickling out no matter what the response was on the boat. The Leffler Custom Rods, rod was rainbowed into the water! This is where Cameron's fifteen years of experience came to the fore. It has been felt before. The marlin was dead. Sh*t. Instant sunset on the reel plus hands holding the spool and the line was still clicking out. The only option was to hold the drum with every last piece of strength while rapidly dropping the drag lever and winding maximum pressure on the Tiagra before slamming the lever back to sunset. Now the craziest part. The pressure required to 'surf' nearly half a tonne of dead weight to the surface from down deep can't be exaggerated. This is a process like water skiing. If you bring the boat forward the fish/object should rise to the surface. The poor rod was being tortured. The reel was overheating. The men were waiting for something to let go. Tamahine went into idle forwards for a short while. Hands burning on the drum yet it was STILL ticking out. But it was enough. Just. Back into reverse and a couple of metres were gained...not much but a start. This became a 2 hour process but for Cameron and Brendan, time stood still. Unknown energy reserves were burnt through. Yet inch by inch, metre by metre progress was made. She was getting lighter. More line was coming in on each reverse. Could this be true? Could the battle of 3 lifetimes be won? Finally, the dead marlin breached the surface. After 5 hours of fighting a gaff was stuck and ropes tied off. It's a monster. A dinosaur even. Help arrived shortly afterwards and 4 people were able to wrestle the giant billfish onto Tamahine for her last ocean voyage. The Cook Islands Game Fishing Club was full of people and anticipation as Tamahine was reversed up to the weigh bridge. Pulling the giant carefully off the boat we got to see for the first time how big she actually was. The scales smashed through the previous record and the head was still on the boat! 472.6KG Frantic calculations done on Google. No way... A 1041.9LB Blue Marlin. A GRANDER. The Holy Grail. WOW. The crowd went wild. Nothing will ever match the looks on Cameron and Brendan's faces. Shock, bewilderment, exhaustion, elation, relief but mostly disbelief. After putting the Great Grandmother on a boat trailer, it was taken back to the harbour and dismantled into fillets for restaurants. Local families took the remaining head and frame leaving nothing to waste. Rarotonga is a very unique fishery. The economy and ever expanding tourism market heavily rely on the few local charters and fishermen to supply fresh fish. Without these catches Rarotonga would have to import from international corporations. 2019 will go down as a very special year for the Cook Islands and two men in particular. The personal quest is complete, the summit has been reached. Cameron Thorp and Brendan Gardiner have landed a bloody grander! You beauty!!! Written by Kieran Thorp

Atlantic Tackle Who says the fun has to stop if the weather prevents the boats from going out. First annual Tuna Pull at the Ocean City Tuna Tournament! #PennFishing

If this happens in the waters near your home, then come to AMERICAN Samoa and fish in our friendly waters. We make honest anglers out of the most inveterate liars!

Looks like Pete is getting the toothy fish off the Westside.

Fishtrack Samoa SST and Chlorophyll Charts Looks like some solid temperature breaks.

Footage of orca pod in Samoa could be the first of its kind Off Shore, SAVAI

High Speed Wahoo Trolling = Bigger Fish, Myth or Fact? - MagBay Lures - Wahoo and Marlin Fishing Lures      I strongly advise you to read this entire post.  First the more boring part about fish and animals in general, then the stuff that hits home to the real High Speed Wahoo Fishing Fanatics and Tournament Marlin, Wahoo, Tuna and Mahi Anglers To Begin:      Lets break this down shall we?  ....

It’s a good time to put your wish list together 🎣

Pago Pago Game Fishing Association's cover photo

Who needs a turkey when you live in American Samoa? Pete Gurr went shopping on the water Wednesday for a nice mix of Thanksgiving fish.

Fishing in American Samoa 101: Dogtooth Tuna Back out in American Samoa chasing the Dogtooth Tuna (Gymnosarda unicolor) on my kayak with some yozuri plugs Back in American Samoa Fishing for Snapper and ...

Local Knowledge Capt. Rush Maltz watching his life flash before his eyes! Too close to call 😅 😨 #LocalKnowledgeTV - Make Sure You Follow Local Knowledge!

Jigging up fresh meat at Jurassic Park.

VI Lures custom handmade marlin lures

Fish are on the chew!!!!!! A good week for the locals in American Samoa.

VI Lures Some Dogtooth tuna, Thanks for the photos Pago Pago Game Fishing Association

Promoting American Samoa 🇦🇸 at the Fred Hall Fishing Show in Long Beach California.

New lure for Poke Mon 🇦🇸

[03/17/20]   The committee of the Steinlager I'a Lapo'a Game Fishing Tournament wish to advise our valued Sponsors and Participants (local and overseas), that we will unfortunately be cancelling this years event due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). This is a difficult decision in an unprecedented environment, however feel it is for the best under the circumstances we are currently faced with. We are sure you will all understand our decision and that keeping our community safe and taking preventative measures during this time is imperative. On behalf of Steinlager and the Pago Pago Game Fishing Association we thank you for your continued support with the tournament, and look forward to working with you all again next year. In the meantime, please be safe and we will be in touch later in the year. Best regards, Debbs Cox Event Manager

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