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Island Ruff Neck Productions

Address: Pago Pago 96799

Coordinate: -14.2781:-170.702

Phone: (239) 676-4134

This is a Production company that's vision is to help not only up and coming artists in their gifts, whether it be music, video, photography and more.


Island Ruff Neck Productions

[01/25/15]   Look for our Artists new EP's and Albums COMING SOON!!!!

[01/25/15]   Also Check out our Studio Page at Poly Movement Studios here on FB!!! Like it too!!!

[01/25/15]   Hey Everyone Check out our first Featured Artists On our Youtube channel under Polymovement. The song is FIness by Soohp & Dolly.

[01/25/15]   Check out our twitter account @islandruffnecks

FINESS polymovement studios and island ruff necks presents its official album.

[01/25/15]   Check out our instagram @islandruffnecks

[01/26/15]   Check out our Myspace page @ islandruffnecks

[01/30/15]   Puttin' the finishing touches on our music and then make sure to check it out!!! Let all your friends know and make sure they like us!!!!

Summer Nights Check out our new video: Featured Artists PLK, BG feat. Sup Jose. This video is about Summer Nights

[01/31/15]   So excited new Music Video is almost done...

[02/02/15]   Hey check out our Poly Movement Studios Page and Like that too!!! Also check out our Youtube Channel Poly Movement Studios.

I'll Make It Right This video is about I'll Make It Right

[02/06/15]   Make sure you let everyone know where to check out our music. More music and videos coming SOON!!! Make sure to like our other page too...Poly Movement Studios

[02/03/15]   Check out our Featured Artist...Big Kriss!!!

[02/08/15]   What's up Peeps? Howz it? (Your weekend that is) Hoping all is well. Can't wait to show you all what we have been working on!!! Stay tuned...

[03/04/15]   Check out our New Video and Share it!!!

Dedication to My Pops Intro to the upcoming CD This is a dedication to My Pops

Baby Ridinʻ Dirty Try and catch me ridin' Dirty.. Fan video of "Chamillionaire - Ridin_ ft. Krayzie Bone" Created using Video Star:

Nuttin' New Check out our New Video and New Featured Artists! This is about Nittin' New

UnderDogg New Video Posted!!! Like and share!!! This video is about UnderDogg

Yo shorty aint about dat life Check out the NEWEST video Featuring PLK, BG, Supa Jose and Queen T!! This video is about Yo shorty aint about dat life

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