Computer World

Address: Pago Pago 96799

Coordinate: -14.3109:-170.699

Phone: 6846999706

Computer World sells and repair laptops and mobile phones. All our parts and merchandise are genuine. Focusing on quality and values for our customers.


[10/05/17]   Immediate Job Vacancy: Full Time Experienced IT Computer Repair / Electronics Technician Requirements: • Proven experience in computer repair, electronics or technical work environment to include: - Excellent troubleshooting and repairs skills for PC & laptops - Knowledgeable with board level repairs (soldering) - Knowledgeable with software installation - Knowledgeable with basic networking • Attention to details, excellent customer service skills, able to multitask and prioritize work • Must have excellent quality control skills • Must be able to work Saturdays All applicants must apply in person at Computer World - Nuuuli (Next to Coconut Point Gas Station) For further information please call 699-9706 or email [email protected]

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[02/24/18]   Attention Customers 2/23/2017 Please stop by the store if you have any device/laptops/desktops over 30 days with us. All devices will be property of Computer World after a given time. All items left here since 2015-2017 will be auctioned out on a upcoming date. Thank you.

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